The Many Duties of a Business AttorneyThe Many Duties of a Business Attorney

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The Many Duties of a Business Attorney

If you own a business, you may be under the assumption that business attorneys are only necessary when you have a legal case against you. Business attorneys do settle legal claims, but they also do so much more. We aren't attorneys but we have done research to learn about the job description of a business attorney. We learned so much more than we expected to and we wanted to share this knowledge with others. The posts we've written on this blog describe many of the duties of a business attorney, such as regulation compliance, taxation and contract negotiation. We hope that as a business owner, you'll realize the many ways that a business attorney can assist you with legal issues surrounding your business.


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When International Shippers Should Consider Hiring A Customs Attorney

If you deal with international shipping, there are a lot of logistics and legal matters you need to sort out early on to avoid issues. A customs attorney can assist with this type of shipping, so you might consider hiring one in the following circumstances. 

Penalized for Shipping Procedures

If you ever are penalized for not following the correct international shipping procedures, it's important to not just pay the fine and do nothing. Rather, you want to educate yourself on the matter and find out why it happened. Then you won't be likely to face the same penalties again.

You can speak with a customs attorney and go over your specific penalties to see why they surfaced, whether it's not using the proper shipping labels or packaging supplies. A customs attorney will provide this insight and give strategies for protecting your company going forward.

Struggling to Stay Current With Shipping Regulations

One thing to keep in mind with international shipping is regulations for it change all the time. Even in a couple of months, there could be new laws that govern international shipping depending on the areas you're targeting. If you're struggling to follow along with these regulation changes, you can hire a customs attorney.

They spend a good portion of their time learning about new international shipping regulations to better serve their clients. You thus will receive timely updates when there are shipping regulation changes that could impact your company and its shipping operations. You just need to meet with this legal professional on a consistent basis. 

Need Assistance With Pre-Compliancy Plans

Before your company ships anything internationally, a good practice is to create some pre-compliance plans. They help ensure you're following the right shipping practices, whether it's for products or construction materials. You can hire a customs lawyer and subsequently have an easier time putting together pre-compliancy plans.

A customs attorney will use their knowledge of international shipping law and hands-on experience working with shippers to ensure these plans account for the right things. That's going to help you avoid a lot of issues when you start shipping products internationally for real.

If you're going to ship things internationally on a consistent basis for your company, work with a customs attorney that knows all about international shipping. In addition to keeping you out of regulatory trouble, they'll help refine this type of shipping so that you don't waste a bunch of money.