The Many Duties of a Business AttorneyThe Many Duties of a Business Attorney

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The Many Duties of a Business Attorney

If you own a business, you may be under the assumption that business attorneys are only necessary when you have a legal case against you. Business attorneys do settle legal claims, but they also do so much more. We aren't attorneys but we have done research to learn about the job description of a business attorney. We learned so much more than we expected to and we wanted to share this knowledge with others. The posts we've written on this blog describe many of the duties of a business attorney, such as regulation compliance, taxation and contract negotiation. We hope that as a business owner, you'll realize the many ways that a business attorney can assist you with legal issues surrounding your business.


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Important Things to Know About Prostitution-Related Crimes

Sex crimes are oftentimes some of the most damaging to a person's reputation. If you get charged with something like prostitution, it can change how everyone around you looks at you going forward and bring about a lot of life challenges. You should take the time to fully understand the charge and the potential repercussions if you have been arrested for this kind of crime. Here is a look at some of the things you should know about prostitution-related crimes and how these charges could work. 

1. You do not necessarily have to be a prostitute to be charged with prostitution. 

Some states call the act of hiring a prostitute soliciting sex, but in other states, the act of seeking a prostitute can get you charged with prostitution just the same as the individual who tries to sell sexual acts for money. For example, in the state of Texas in January 2020, a man was charged with prostitution for seeking a prostitute. It is easy to get confused if you are unfamiliar with the laws in your state. In states where the act of soliciting sex from a prostitute is simply referred to as prostitution, the charges can be the same for either the attempted buyer or the seller. 

2. You will be facing a stiffer penalty for repeat offenses of prostitution. 

Prostitution is treated as a crime with penalties no matter what, but if you have been charged with the same crime before, you may be facing a harsher punishment. Likewise, if you have been charged with a similar crime in the past, you could also be facing a harsher penalty. For example, if you have been charged with soliciting sex in the past, a second charge could mean the crime goes from a misdemeanor to a felony. 

3. You can fight a prostitution charge with the right criminal lawyer. 

Being arrested for prostitution can put you in an awkward predicament, and if you are being wrongly accused, it can feel like a disastrous situation. However, you can contact criminal defense attorneys to determine if they are familiar with these types of crimes. For example, if you were arrested as part of an undercover sting operation, but you were coerced into being involved as a sex buyer or seller, this could potentially be used as a defense. For more information about building a case, contact a local law firm.